Facing Danger in the Helping Professions

by Dr Iain Bourne

This unique and original book introduces the Instant Aggression Model and then expertly guides the helping professional through the skills needed to deal effectively with violent and aggressive behaviour. Written in an engaging and accessible narrative style the material is illustrated through numerous real life examples.

After introducing the model the book goes on to demonstrate how the professional can take control of their physical, emotional and psychological reactions to danger. This is followed by the introduction of Defusing, De-escalating and Rapid Reaction Skills for dealing with the increasingly dangerous levels of Reactive Aggression. Further chapters cover skills for dealing with dangerous behaviour influenced by substance misuse and psychosis, criminally motivated violence and violence in groups. Other key areas include crisis teamwork, risk assessment, lone-working, office-based procedures, supervision and post-incident support.

This is the first book to integrate a skilled professional approach to facing danger within a single consistent theoretical framework.

Impact News

Dangerous Behaviour: Open Programme Workshop, London, 25.04.15

Due to the cutbacks it has become near impossible for individual applicants to attend the “Difficult, Disturbing & Dangerous Behaviour” workshop which is now almost exclusively an “in-house” bespoke programme. None-the-less, Mosaic Training are hosting an open course in London on 25th April. As this may be the only opportunity this year and you are interested, […]

3. Violence – a different perspective

Most of the literature on violence is about everything except violence – the “Long, Slow Story” – and all about the factors surrounding violence. Otherwise it is about fatuous advice of the kind “don’t shout help, shout fire” – gimmicky tricks that, IMHO, have an enormous propensity for getting you into a lot of trouble. […]

2. Violence – Terror in the Mind

So talking about the “Short, Fast Story” … I was saying that violence is overwhelmingly a psychological affair so let me clarify what I mean. Violence is an act of aggression and yet it has relatively little to do with pain, injury or even force. We might stub our toe, fall off a bike, scald […]

1. Violence – The Long and the Short Stories

Since not everyone is going to attend one of my courses (www.dangerousbehaviour.com) or read my book (www.facingdanger.com) I thought I’d write a series of short posts on violence for general consumption. When you look into the literature and at the work of clinical and forensic psychologists on violence it is almost exclusively about what I […]

Dangerous Behaviour Workshop in London, 27.11.15

“Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour” is a dramatic workshop that is usually only delivered as an in-house, bespoke training experience delivered on commission to organisations for delivery to their own staff. This can be frustrating for staff who wish to attend as individuals. However, for the only time this year Mosaic Training are staging this course for […]

Suicide – a casual affair?

Some while ago I was delivering a training course on “dangerous behaviour” to a housing association when a man popped his head around the door and enquired as to whether this was the “Ladder Awareness Training.” I have to confess, to my shame, I could not prevent myself from bursting out into laughter. Could there […]


A new “fringe theatre style” workshop by Dr Iain Bourne using drama and narration to explore the world of personality disorders. Full details to follow – in the meantime send an email enquiry to Iain The term “Personality Disorder” has infiltrated common parlance and is often used with great laxity in professional circles to refer […]

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